Meet the Characters

Meet the Characters

Tales of Mytherwrel is teeming with life, most are recognized as mythical creatures we find today in story books.  Here are the main characters you would find in this story.

Each character is created and designed by Marie Kerns.




(Sorceress intent to protect)

Aujnia has a gentle personality, and is always been loyal to the powers of good. She has always dreamt of becoming a Guardian of Mytherwrel just like her mother was before her.

Regardless of her father’s wishes, Aujnia still wants to assume her mother’s role. Her family crest is of the Fire Streak Fox, a legendary creature that jumps through time and space. It is a well known crest that fits the Saibhreas Clan well. It symbolizes strength and courage.

During her training at Guardal University, Aujnia befriends another trainee by the name of Thenia.  From their first meeting, the two girls get to learn a lot from each other.  For Aujnia, she learns confidence.





(Sorceress that is misguided)

A prodigy in the making, Thenia once grew up on a dragon farm with her loving father. Her parents never really sought magic as a solution to their hard work growing vegetables and raising small mining dragons.

Thenia’s family crest is a winged dragon with the two suns rising to symbolize loyalty, trust, and inner power. Her family name is the Temeska Clan.

Her life soon changes when a mysterious hooded man comes to the farm, and with her father’s order, she was taken to Guardal University of Sorcery against her will.

She practically taught herself how to use magic, though she does occasionally lose her temper, and therefore loses control of her magic powers. Thenia meets Aujnia at Guardal University, and through her, she learns control.





(Baby dragon, Thenia’s loyal friend)

Found by Thenia as an egg after his mother was killed protecting him. The moment he hatched in her arms, Micarah bonded with Thenia in a spiritual connection between their hearts.


The Mentor



(The Dark Hooded Figure)

Mantam (Man-tam), also known as the Mentor is a member of the Cult of Cyobe.  Under the delusion of gaining ultimate power, the Mentor’s mission is to guide Thenia to become the most powerful sorceress in Mytherwrel. His secret identity is a gentle, soft spoken instructor at Guardal University of Sorcery by the name of, Master Ustaeh Norphum (U-st-eh Nor-fum).


The Evil Cult Sorceress: Cyobe



(A Nasty Witch Bent on Power)

This evil temptress led the Cult, but in one of her greatest battles with a former Guardian of Mytherwrel, both her and the Guardian disappeared – presumably dead.





(The Love Interest)

Ha-Dain graduated from the same class as Aujnia and Thenia. He was rated as one of the top of the class. Ha-Dain and Aujnia form a budding relationship that grows during their time at Guardal University. He enjoys teasing her – pushing her to become a better sorceress.


The Tree Spirit



(The Wise Spirit Guide)

A wise and ancient spirit that is rooted into Mytherwrel’s soul. Known best as The Tree Spirit, or Athama Mytherwrel (A-th-ama Myth-er-wrell) – Mother of Mytherwrel. Her roots reach down through Mytherwrel to the heart of the planet, spanning ages long past. The Tree Spirit aids Aujnia in her quest by offering spiritual guidance.





(The Guardian Spirit Bird)

Protector, and Trickster. Shura-Quian (Sure-a Q-won)Guardian to the Tree Spirit. He guides Aujnia to her destined visit with the Tree Spirit, and transforms into a gargoyle in order to help Aujnia hone her battle skills.


The Guardian Fairies



(The Guardians of the Floating Castle)

Born to protect the planet Mytherwrel and its secrets are the Guardian Fairies. Their home is the floating castle which hovers over a bed of mist located high in the rocky cliffs. The area is surrounded with the pure essence of the planet’s magic, which gives these wondrous fairies their power.


The Butterfly Fairies



(Winged Pixies That Live in the Forest)

Pixies with wings, the Butterfly Fairies fly from treetop to treetop in the forests of Mytherwrel. Their wings make them look just like huge butterflies in the sky.


The Garden Pixies



(The Guardians of the Mytherwrel Gardens)

The Flower Pixies are the ones that are responsible for creating unusually exotic plants in places like Floral Valley, their main home.


 The Rainbow Pixies


Rainbow Pixies-new1

(The Tricksters That Live near the River)

The Rainbow Pixies ride in on their rainbow spreading color and joy everywhere. Each of these pixies possesses a color of the rainbow.


 The Energy Pixies



(Pixies from Electric City – Powered by Energy and Light)

Electric City is just one part of a wondrous island with futuristic technology, home to the Energy Pixies. The island is surrounded by a wall of water that is the cause by both the mysterious currents from the broken moon and their own technology. The Energy Pixies powers are of mostly fire, electricity, exploding fire crackers, and light.


 The Punk Fairies



(Nasty Fairies That Hunger for More Power)

They are similar to the Butterfly Fairies, but more dangerous. They want ultimate power. The Punk Fairies have already taken over the Dark Valley and want to be total rulers of the planet.


 The Punk Pixies



(Nasty Pixies That Love Nothing More Then Causing Others to Suffer)

Born to be bad pixies, these guys are the least likely to change. The Punk Pixies are the worst behaving pixies on Mytherwrel. They have no respect for any authority. They have powers that contain a great deal of chaos, mayhem, motion sickness, blurred vision, sneezing (and other embarrassing bodily things) and a lot of mischief.


The Saibhreas Clan



(Aujnia’s Parents.)

Batiam Saibhreas (Bat-e-am Sa-i-br-e-as),Aujnia’s father, is a member of the Sih’lyao Teinu Clan. He is a member of the high council which oversees the floating castle. Since the death of his wife, Batiam has attempted to deter Aujnia from pursuing her destiny of becoming a Guardian – like her mother before her.

Aiyasha Apoi-Saibhreas (I-e-ash-a Ap-o-e Sa-i-br-e-as)(presumed deceased) was once the most powerful and trusted Guardian of Mytherwrel. Her battle with Cyobe led to seismic change on Mytherwrel leaving the Cult in disarray and the disappearance of both Aiyasha and Cyobe.



The Temeska Clan



(Thenia’s Parents.)

Elder Tion Temeska (Tee-on Ta-me-ska)is a simple farmer. He spent all his life raising dragons. The Temeska Clan’s knowledge of magic is more then it appears. Tion had to make a difficult ‘choice’ in letting his daughter go into the custody of Mantam, the member of Cult of Cyobe, also known as the Mentor.

C’wie Temeska (sigh-ee – the ‘w’ is silent)Once a strong-willed sorceress, C’wie lost control of her powers and tried to harm Thenia. Tion made the difficult choice to commit C’wie to a special clinic for disturbed sorcerers.


The Dwarf Clans



(Short and stubby beings that enjoy a good battle.)

Dwarfs are better known for their need to battle rather then their skills in magic. Some have enrolled in Healing Academy and even a few enrolled in Guardal University. Mainly, those that practice magic are healers in the battle field. There is approximately twenty-two known tribes all around Mytherwrel.





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