The Creatures of Mytherwrel

Still in the Concept stages, here are some ideas of what the Mytherwrel Creatures look like:

 Nasha and Myla


nasha_myla-1(The Unicorn and the Pegasus )

These two animals are usually found in separate parts of Mytherwrel’s mainland. However fate attracted them together and their love for each other is strong. They are protected by the Rainbow Pixies.

Concept Artist: Marie Kerns



 The Sea Fairy


SeaFairy_withLogo-1 (The Legend of the Sea)

The Sea Fairy was thought to be a legend of Mytherwrel; A legend that foretold her to be the guardian of all the sea creatures (such as the Merpixies, sea serpents, etc…). No one has really seen the Sea Fairy , but that does not mean she doesn’t exist.

Concept Artist: Marie Kerns



 The Merpixies


Merpixies_withLogo-1(Tricksters of the Sea)

The top half of their body looks just like a pixie and the bottom half looks like a fish. These creatures are
a very playful and curious they tend to play with whatever, or who ever falls in the ocean.

Concept Artist: Marie Kerns







Concept Artist: Marie Kerns



Sea Creatures


MytherwrelseaCreaturesConcept Artist: Marie Kerns



Land Creatures



Concept Artist: Matthew Taylor


The Dragons


MytherwrelDragonsConcept Artist: Meagan Beaudian


BabyFarmDragonConcept Artist: Marie Kerns





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