The Environment

Mytherwrel’s Environment

The world of Mytherwrel is growing strong.  Here are some visual images of the world in progress.


The Planet of Mytherwrel



This is the world of Mytherwrel, orbiting around two suns…A red giant, and a yellow star.

Concept Artist: Jose Antonio


The Map of Mytherwrel


map 3This is the concept map of Mytherwrel’s continents.

Concept Artist: Jose Antonio


Guardal University of Sorcery


UniversitySketch(One of the greatest schools to learn Sorcery)

One of the greatest schools students of magic go to hone in their skills of sorcery. Some may even graduate to become guardians of their respective lands, but only one can graduate in becoming Guardian of Mytherwrel.

Concept Artist: Jose Antonio


The forests of Mytherwrel


forest-logoA concept art for the forests of Mytherwrel.

Concept Artist: Jose Antonio



Beaches of Mytherwrel


Sea-logoConcepts of a few floating islands over the sea.

Concept Artist: Jose Antonio



The Cult Temple


Image converted using ifftoany(A place where the Cult of Cyobe dwells)

The Cult Temple is located under ground near the University of Sorcery.  It hosts one of the few portals located on Mytherwrel.  The original Guardian of Mytherwrel built them to cast out the (not so nice) Angel Fairies that once ruled the planet.

From a simple sketch, the Cult Temple is the first scene modeled in 3D.

Environment Artist: Raj Rishi Mitra



The Temple Ruins

Temple_Ruin(Home to the Tree Spirit)

Once a noble place where the Guardian Fairies trained the most skilled Sorcerers as Guardians. The temple
held great history in having a strong connection to a species known as the Angel Fairies. The location of this
temple is a secret, known only to the guardian Shura-Quain, the Raven Spirit. He protects the temple and
home of the Tree Spirit, Mother of Mytherwrel.

Environment Artist: Raj Rishi Mitra



The Floating Castle


Floating castle(Home of the Guardian Fairies)

Created and designed by specially chosen fairies to work along side the Guardian of Mytherwrel (usually a title for a high ranking Elf in sorcery). It floats around a valley, near the rocky mountains.

Concept Artist: Marie Kerns





All original artwork for Tales of Mytherwrel are © copyright protected.

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