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Journey to an Epic World…

Visit a unique solar system at the edge of the universe. One red star and a slightly smaller yellow star rotate in a gravitational dance.  At one point, when the two separate solar disks formed, they collided and eventually became a dual solar system. 

Mytherwrel, the second planet orbiting the two suns, is a majestic world with much history and magic.  Some elements in this world tend to defy logic or even science as we know it. For example, there is the Valley of the Floating Isles. It is where large chunks of land float miles above the surface.

The humanoid-type species come in several shapes and sizes.

Nilakasorions-Ancient Tyrannical Clan:

Nilakasorions (Nila – ka – sorian), an Elite Clan that once ruled over the entire planet of Mytherwrel. 

They were another winged race, like the Fra’Nisies and the Graplins. However, their wings, though similar shapes, were reflective feathers that shimmered in the light. The wings had two hook-shaped claws, while the toes were pointed closer together. A third claw is on their feet, located at the heel. Their average height is roughly 5’ 8” and 7’ 2”.

Nilakasorions were the first beings that tapped into Alchemy Magic.  This impressed other cultures so much that they worshiped them as Gods. Instead of sharing their knowledge, the Nilakasorions selfishly kept it for themselves and belittled the ‘smaller’ people of Mytherwrel.  They even used them as ‘slaves.’

For hundreds of years, the Nilakasorions and their superior persona got so used to having the civilizations of other cultures serving them that they felt doing the most straightforward thing – like climbing the cliffs and gliding across the air currents – was beneath them.

They used their wings mostly to show off their shiny feathers and wear matching outfits.

Eventually, the obsessiveness of the Nilakasorions’ rule got overbearing for the other citizens of Mytherwrel, and it started a revolt.

With the aid of 21 Nilakasorions (Nashaphira, being the leader of the revolt), who decided to betray their comrades and join the people of Mytherwrel in the name of Freedom.

It is rumoured that Nilakasorions still exist, only not in plain sight. Some say they have learned to shapeshift their appearance.

Esorins are Elf-like beings on Mytherwrel.  They are closest related to humans.  Of all the different species, there are more Esorin Clans than any other. Their average height is 5’ 2” to 5’ 9”. 

Most Esorins are very skilled when it comes to Alchemy Magic. They started the S.T.C. (Sih’lyao Teinu Committee), which is like a form of government and police force for Mytherwrel – without the oppressive involvement of the Nilakasorions.  

The Esorins once worshiped a tyrannical Nilakasorions. This clan of elites ruled over Mytherwrel and every family and culture. Eventually, the Esorins and other species joined to regain their rights and overthrow the authoritarian.

Poxises are half the size of Esorin and even slightly smaller than Dwafains.  Their average height is 3’ 2” to 4’ 3”.  Regardless of their size, Poxises are capable of Alchemy magic. Most of them work best with plant life and other nature.   

The En’Regy Poxises are the most popular in Mytherwrel’s history. Since they are an inventive species, they were the first to create technology commonly used worldwide.

Before the revolt against the Nilakasorions, they were instructed to create a weapon to launch into space.

At one point after building this rocket, it was accidentally launched. In everyone’s horror, they watched as the large moon, Mantanor, exploded to become the planetary ring we know today. Three remaining chucks, Mie, Aton, and Asay, still orbit along the edge of the ring.

Even though Mytherwrel is blessed with a second moon, the En’Regy Poxises are still wade down with guilt. For the most part, until recently, they have created a particular machine that sucks in the ocean and spills over the side. This is known as the Great Wall of Water to separate their Island from the rest of the world.

Other than that, other Poxises are usually peaceful but energetic species.

Fra’Nisies have Gargoyle-like wings – however, they are more like fairies.  Their average height is between 4’ 0” and 5’ 5”.  Their bone structure is slender and light. Their wings can range in more vibrant colours than their smaller cousins, the Graplins. The most popular colours are Blues, Yellows, purples, green and orange.

Fra’Nisies wingtips are longer with a sharp tip, while the Graplins have shorter and sometimes rounder wingtips. Another noticeable difference in the Fra’Nisies’ wings is that they have three claws, whereas the Graplins have only two.

The claws on the wings and toes are helpful when climbing up cliffs or any other steep terrain. They need to get high enough so they can catch an air current so they can take flight.

The Fra’Nisies Clans are usually found on higher grounds, like the floating Islands, tall trees, and cliffs off the coasts.   

Graplins are also Gargoyle-like creatures, like Fra’Nisies, but smaller. The wings usually have a more brownish colour on the outside. Inside colouration ranges from orange and green to purple and pink. The Graplins that live along the Icey North have a more Grey-white shade on the outer wings and light pink and dark purple inside.

The shape of the wingtips is shorter and rounder than the long and sharp wingtips of the Fra’Nisies. They only have two claws on their wings, unlike the Fra’Nisies, which have three.

The claws on the wings and toes are helpful when climbing up cliffs or any other steep terrain. They need to get high enough so they can catch an air current so they can take flight.

Their average height is between 3’ 0” and 4’ 2”.

Dwafains are better known for their gardening skills rather than in Alchemy Magic. It is something that they’ve adapted to since their days as brut bully warriors during the days of the Nilakasorions.

For those with Alchemy Magic as a skill, it is more for healing and making medicines from their gardens. In some cases, there are Dwafains that become great Sorcerers that can match an Esorin.  

Like Poxise, they are approximately 3’ 3” to 5’ 2” in height. However, Dwafains are bulkier and have horns growing from both sides of their head.

Ta’Ools are not to be confused with Esorins since their skin colour is slightly grayer. Their personality can sometimes be rude and aggressive.  Ta’Ools also have feet like Fra’Nisies, with claws as toes. 

The Ta’Ools are often misunderstood and pre-judged.  They are a much taller and muscular build than Esorins, ranging from 5’ 6” to 7’ 0”. 

Their history was darker since they had been slave soldiers for the Nilakasorions. Some eventually did go against their programming, rebel with most of Mytherwrel, and free the world of the Tyrannical overlords.  

Regarding Alchemy Magic, this species tends to lack that skill. That does not mean there are rare cases of some achieving that ability. A few Ta’Ools even got to attend Guardal University and graduate in becoming powerful Sorcerers.

On average, the Ta’Ools live in Auqoa (A-q-u-aa) Mainland—mainly near the Nashaphira (Nash-a-f-e-r-a) Inland Sea and the Dark Valley.

The magic in this world is a form of Alchemy. Chemistry and potions, mixed in with manipulating existing materials to transform into other states to heal or build. Of course, it can be used for destruction, as well.

Alchemy magic in this world can heighten a Mytherwrelians connection to telepathy. Meaning they can teleport objects if needed.

Now, to talk more about the story…

Where do we begin?

A tale so intertwined, we shall focus on two young girls – Esorins. 

First, we meet Thenia Temeska. She has great potential to become a great sorceress.  However, she also has a bit of trouble in controlling her temper.  Much has gone wrong, with her mother losing control and nearly killing Thenia as a child and her father being a quiet sheep among men.  Thenia found comfort with the Moke and Klarens on their farm.

Thenia has also been determined to control her Alchemy magic and practices daily in the fields. When she thinks she has more control, three members from her mother’s clan arrive at the farm. The Ba Tona Clan has been watching Thenia since birth and looking after the Temeska family since their ‘sister,’ Cwie, married Tione.

When Cwie lost her mental control, the Ba Tona Clan took her to the A.C.I. (Alchemy Care Institution.)

This time, they bring news that, with their help, Thenia is accepted to a pristine school called Guardal University. They are doubtless that Thenia can become a great Sorceress, but only with the proper training. The clan is calling her their Prodigy.

Now, what Thenia gets out of this school is up to her.

Next, we meet Aujnia Saibhreas.  Though she grew up surrounded by opportunity.  Her mother came from the Apoi Clan and was a powerful Sorceress and one of the head councils at the Sih’lyao Teinu Committee (S.T.C.) until her sudden death. Her father, Batiam Saibhreas, is a well-known healer and highly respected in the S.T.C. This gives her a unique ability to develop healing and powerful Sorcery Alchemy.  

Aujnia is left with a difficult decision.  Live in her daddy’s shadow or follow in her mother’s footsteps.  Upon building enough courage, Aujnia follows her mother and uses her talents in Alchemy Magic.

The two girls met at the school and eventually became good friends. Along with Aujnia and Thenia, there are other characters we will meet and join in the epic adventures they go on.

There is much to see and know about this world, and many stories will be told…in time.

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